I have a confession– I have been a bad wife

For the first two years of our relationship we had sex whenever we could. She travels for her job so there would be times where we didn’t see each other for a week or 2 or 3 at a time and when she got into town we fucked like bunnies. We moved in together 3 months shy of our 2 year anniversary and things changed shortly there after. It had nothing to do with me, or her, or my son, it was outside forces. Three months after our 2 year anniversary my world screeched to a halt and she had no choice but to stand by and try to help. Starting the second week in March I was on a roller coaster for the next 101 days and they were the worst in my 38 years. In those 101 days I had two dogs have to be put to sleep for cancer and heart problems. I had 2 cats sneak out of the house for a week at a time and then finally we found them and got them home. The biggest thing however was my mom got sick and died within 70 days. In the aftermath our sex life DIED. From the time my mom first entered the hospital until last week we had sex 3 times and two of those I felt guilty and even tho I didn’t want touched I did take care of her. Going from 3-4 times over the course of a couple days to 3 times in 14 months was such a huge change and I am surprised my wife put up with it. I didn’t really think she would ever leave because she would never do that, she tried to do everything she could and never said a word about it. Sex was always a HUGE part of our relationship, She was in a 11 year relationship and her ex-wife stopped having sex with her before they even got married. I was in a relationship with a man for 13 years that was never sexually satisfying. I tried but we were not on the same page. Never in those 13 years did I get off when it wasn’t by my own hand. I am in no way blaming him, he tried but I was to embarrassed to ask for what I needed. When we separated I was seeing someone for about 6 months, kinda a FWB thing but she was so vanilla and we were even less compatible then me and my ex-husband. I thought that my sex life was over and was just going to suck, til I met my wife. We established before we even saw each other (we met on-line) that sex was important and needed to be to make us work. I opened the box by telling her about “The CrashPad” and gave her my username and password to the site so she could check it out, careful to mention a couple scenes that really turned me on. We had sex for the first time on our second date and not only did she want to go down on me ( I didn’t let her then I was to anxious) she mentioned throwing me over the bed face down and fucking me with a strap on. I was in heaven. We are very honest about what we like, want and need and have the best time going to the toy stores together. Last month when I went to my annual I mentioned to my Dr that my sex drive was gone. She said it was most likely depression due to my mom dying but she decided to add a new medication to the anti-depressant I was already on, and guess what. I want her ass any and every way I can get it. I have become more aggressive and love that for the last 3 days she has been my butch bottom and I have rocked her world so hard. The sex was incredible but the connection we reestablished between us is even better. We are back in line and connected again. I am so happy she stuck with me thru this and I am looking forward to making up for lost time. 😉


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