I can honestly say I looked cute, dare I say sexy today. I never say that, most of the time I look like a kinda slob. When I work I have to wear khaki pants and a polo (I get 4 whole colors to choose from) shirt and tennis shoes. When I get home if I am not needing to go out again I put on my jammies and stay in them til I have to go to work the next day. I had today off but had to go in real quick anyway for my old man cat Henry ( I work at an animal hospital if I haven’t mentioned it before) we are trying laser therapy on his hips and knees to see if it will help him walk better. Anyway I decided to wear my new jeans and t-shirt and put on makeup since we never see each other in street clothes. I actually looked so cute I took some pictures of myself with my phone. Anyone who knows me would be shocked, I sent them to my wife and she was so happy I got a lewd message and picture in return. That’s all for now.