Feeling funky

I dont know why but I’m in a weird funk today. I’m gonna to say something I NEVER say, I need a hug. A good hug, a big, tight, you are safe in my arms hug. I don’t know how much of this is real or meds, well it has to be real. I have been on different meds for  years and I even think one of the past posts discusses that. My Dr put me on Prozac in addition to my Wellbutrin because of the depression from my moms death. The Prozac did help with the constant crying, forgetfulness unable to focus, the general totally scattered feeling and the not wanting to get off the couch. The one side effect that I couldn’t deal with was the inability to really enjoy sex with my wife. I couldn’t get off and that is VERY frustrating,  anyone who has been on meds and had this as a side effect understands. So she switched me to another medication and it seems this has the same effect but now I’m weepy off and on. My moms headstone will be going in sometime this month and I’m thinking maybe that might be it. I hate this feeling.

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