Where are all the Butches going??

This is not going to be a popular opinion but it’s mine and I don’t care. You can have your opinion and blog about it and that’s fine but this is mine and you are not changing my view. Butches are my kryptonite, I go gaga in front of them and turn from a smart woman to a bumbling teenager so I am very disappointed to see they are disappearing and being replaced by TransMen. What is wrong with being Butch? It seems that all the butches now a days want to be called sir and are more concerned about passing then anything else. I believe the word Butch describes a masculine WOMAN, a person with both tits and a vagina. I am seeing a lot of Butch women going for top surgery because they are not comfortable with that part of their body and don’t identify with their breasts. To me that is Trans and when that surgery happens I don’t see how you can call yourselves Butch. Now I know where the formerly butch and now TransMen will say “What about Butches with breast cancer?” Women with breast cancer or the BRCA gene have them removed because of health reasons not because they don’t identify with them. When I see a butch woman and I get all a flutter it totally shuts down when their preferred pronoun is announced as he/him. I am allowed my preferences just like anyone else I want a butch woman that knows she is a woman. I don’t want my butch wife to want me to call her him or daddy. NO. The best thing about a butch is that she is a woman, the best of everything and those things she hides under her clothes to keep men from objectifying, those are for me. It seems like Butch is too hard and nowadays they think it’s easier to pass so the transition starts and they are no longer butches. I miss the Butches of old.