Family DRAMA!!!!!!


This was suppose to be our dream house and where we retired. This house/land was owned first by my wifes grandparents there was a total of about 10 acres and they sold part of it off and were left with 5. The house got put in my mother in laws name about 10 years before her mothers death, and when my MIL was going thru a divorce she put it in my wifes name to make sure her husband couldn’t touch it and because it would be K’s anyway. My wife actually had her cousin D’s name added to the deed because they were a tight family and they were the 2 granddaughters and she thought it just seemed right. Hindsight being 20/20 that was a HUGE fucking mistake. K had been close to her cousins when they were all younger, she is 8 years older than D and would babysit her and her brothers growing up, their mother was killed in an car accident when they were all young so she was there a lot.

Fast forward many years to when her grandma was sick and needed help, D was getting a divorce after living in Florida and needed a place to live so she came back to Ohio to help “take care” of her grandma. In reality she didn’t really help at all she went to work and stayed holed up in her room. Now her ‘room’ was a storage shed out back because the house is only an 1 bed 1 bath so they built this storage shed that was about 12′ X 16′ and insulated with windows and electricity. Even tho she was a perfectly healthy 30 year old woman she didn’t really help at all. K’s mom paid for a cleaning lady to come once a week and we are talking a 1 bed, 1 bath 800 sqft. When grandma died D moved into the house and that is about when the house changed over to K and D.

K and D had become real close and K was moving back to Ohio from North Carolina after getting out of a 13 year relationship. When she would come back to Ohio they would hang out and go places and visit “momma S and pop” who had been family friends forever. “Momma S” and K’s mom had been friends since they were kids and were in and out of each others lives. Everything was hunky dorey until …….K met me.

K had always thought that her family (meaning “momma S & pop and D) was accepting of her being a lesbian but it turns out they were only accepting as long was it wasn’t in their face. D hated me from the get go for no other reason then I took K away from her. It seriously was like I took her boyfriend or something she was acting like a pouty little brat and it made going to the house nerve wracking and stressful for me and in the end K. D always had the house all closed up, lights off, curtains drawn and FILTHY. Dishes would pile up for days and we would have to do dishes in order to cook or eat.

When the time came for our wedding we decided to get married at the house and K told D that she could come if she could behave and not walk around like someone kicked her dog. She elected not to come. We all went up the day before to get things ready because we knew the house looked bad and there was no way D would clean anything, now the we included me, K, K’s mom S, and K & S’s friend B. B actually had a thing for K for many years and may still have one. They had a drunken night of sex years and years ago that B remembers and K doesn’t. Momma S & Pop came down to help also but it was more Pop then Momma S that helped, Momma S  just got in the way.

The house was a major fucking disaster and it took all day and most of our wedding day to make it clean enough for other people to come in, the wedding was beautiful and everyone got along great and there were no major fights. (Momma S left early to make sure she wouldn’t get knocked on her ass by another guest, which she would have rightly deserved but we wont go into that.) We had no idea where D was and that was fine.

The shit hit the fan in the next week. We found out that D was hiding out at Momma S’s and Pops the weekend of the wedding and they lied about it. Facebook can be a blessing and a curse for people who don’t know much about it and Momma  S was one of them. Someone posted on her wall asking her about the wedding and she responded thinking that only the writer would see it. Basically she said the “wedding” was a joke that all we did was blame D and that I was an ungrateful, evil, controlling bitch who took their family away from them.  There was alot of e-mail fighting  between K, S, and Momma S and then I had enough and had to get into it and so did B. K is home 1 weekend out of 3 and it’s usually for only a day and a half and Momma S was mad because I was keeping K from coming to visit her whenever she came into town, now she lives 3 hours away from us. She and D got thick as thieves and the shit hit the fan and the only way it stopped was blocking Momma S from all e-mail access and FB access ( altho we forgot to block her from my son’s page was she was FB stalking for awhile til we found out and put a stop to it.)

D stopped returning K’s calls about the house, she went by one day and the locks were changed and it took a threat to show up with the sheriff before she would return the call and get K keys. After 2 years of this drama K made the decision to give up the house because it is no longer a nice and peaceful and safe pace to be so when she was home on vacation 6 weeks ago she went up there and knocked on the  door because D wouldn’t answer the phone and she forgot her keys. She told her that she had 2 choices, buy her out or they are putting the house on the market by the end of the year. D chose the first one and I am hoping to get this done ASAP.  I love the house, more the land it’s sitting on. There are 5 acres with a creek running thru it and it is just so beautiful and WAS so peaceful and serene. It has taken me a week to write this and I am done with it so I am ending it here because you get the point. On to better posts.