stress and anxiety are going to kill me

I really need to go to my Dr and get my meds changed or add a new one. Things are strange at work and I am convinced my car is going to kill me. Turns out I have the worst year for my make and model and since the end of June I have been having strange problems that the brand somehow has no idea about altho if you look online it seems a lot of people have these issues. Me having anxiety issues to begin with and having a car that keeps stalling and losing power on me is not a good combo. I cant get a new car I don’t have the money and I sure as hell can’t use this as a trade in with the problems. I contacted the maker and they said they have no idea and to keep all my receipts from fixes incase there is a recall. I cant afford to just start replacing shit I don’t have the money. I keep thinking maybe if I can get someone to hit the front end of my car the other persons insurance will have to give me money and I can find another taf. TAF= to and from and thats it. I have few requirements, it must be automatic, have air and get good gas mileage and be reliable. I dont give 2 shits what it looks like or any bells and whistles. My last 2 taf’s were great and I should have kept the last one but this was a deal 7 years newer and 100,000 less miles. Not such a deal now. GRRRRRRRRRR


2 thoughts on “stress and anxiety are going to kill me

  1. janetsbreeze says:

    I would be terrified. My workday commute is very short but I’m convinced if I don’t give my car a pep talk every morning I won’t make it. It’s the lack of control that makes me a little nuts I think.

  2. femmewifemom says:

    I do talk to her when I get in, her name is Nora and when shes a good girl she gets praise.

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