Brother rant

I am ranting here because I can’t do it on facebook, we have too many people in common and he will find out. My brother is a huge fuck up and a horses ass. His wife for the last 5 years has worked her ass off and done as much overtime as she can because he wont get a job. He tells people that he has social anxiety disorder and thats why he cant get a job. The truth is he won’t get a job because they might drug test him and he refuses to stop smoking and drinking and doing drugs. He is 38 years old and hasn’t had a real job in over 4 years. The social anxiety disorder is an excuse and a flat out lie, He thrives is large groups of people he doesn’t know, he follows a local metal band around and “helps” them out. He and his wife live in my dad’s other house and haven’t paid rent on over 4 years because they cant afford rent and pay their other bill and his drug habit. He owes my dad more money then he will ever admit to and will never pay back. His newest thing is he thinks he is a photographer. I have been taking pictures for over 20 years, it took me 2 years to save up the money for the camera I wanted and even then its a mid range DSLR, its very nice. My brother got his first camera less then 2 months ago and has now decided that he can be a pro and is begging people on line to let him take pictures and pay him an obscene amount of money. Here is the kicker he knows close to nothing about his camera, the SAME camera I have. It took me 2 years to save up after paying all my bills and being a responsible person. He took the money he should be paying my father and bought a camera. He truly is a bad person and he has so many people snowed and think he is this wonderful person and devoted to his parents. He is the biggest Sociopath I have ever seen and I am really tired of waiting on Karma to kick his ass. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR