If I won a mega lottery

I think maybe if I put it out there it will happen (yeah right) so here goes in no particular order and I am sure I will add more later

1.Pay off all our bills

2. Find a house in my sons school district to buy instead of rent til he graduates

3. Pay off my dad’s bills and buy him a house in Florida

4, Pay off my mother-in-laws bills

5. Help the following friends in these ways;

S- buy a house in a good school district for her daughter K and a new car

A- pay off all her bills

M- buy a top of the line camera and lens set-up

J- pay all bills and a place to live

T- surgery and hormones if she wants them and a place to live

6. Find the land and design and build our dream home


8. Donate a large portion to Cat Welfare and the Zoo

9. Set up a fund to help people pay for the health problems of their furry family members that really deserve it.

10. Hire a personal trainer and nutritionist to help me learn what I need to do.

11. Buy a RV to travel in

12. Her’s and Her’s motorcycles